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Press release    June 2, 2003

Love Songs from the Mountains of Southern France

Stunning nature and deep feelings.
That’s what inspired Pernilla Aidt when she composed the music for her first album ‘Serene’. It was to be personal and honest.

She’s 37 years old, Danish, and has lived from singing since she was 19. But she has lived in France since 1985, and developed her career there, so only a few of her fellow countrymen have had the pleasure of hearing her voice.
Pernilla has been singing a Broadway repertoire in casinos, in castles and in the big hotels along the French Riviera, and she has sung jazz in piano bars like the Printemps de Bourges in Paris, and at the Jazz Festival of Nice. In 1998, she released a CD with jazz standards, Porgy & Bess, and was elected “Jazz Artist of the Year” by the French CD-shopping chain, FNAC.

Today Pernilla has left her city-life behind and lives in the Alpes de Haute Provence in the South West of France, where she’s completely surrounded by nature in a Swiss Alpine cottage, right on the beautiful banks of a mountain lake. Her feelings about nature are expressed very strongly in her songs. Pernilla paints musical pictures of the sea, of the sun, the rain in spring, and of a wistful longing, in all the colours of the rainbow. She lets dreams flow with the laughter of children and seeks an expression which is vulnerable and intimate, but also poetically moving and compelling.

Guest musicians
on the album are among others Kasper Tranberg (trumpet), Jacob Andersen (percussion), Ilya Magnes (flute & djembe drum), and Simon Lynge (guitar and vocal).

The music is produced by Klaus Bau Jensen (known from Bliss and Flipside) and Sebastian Lilja (Flipside).

Pernilla Aidt has the background originally of a classical singer but, later, in order to dig deeper into the universe of jazz, she did a four year study course at Berklee College of Music in the USA. However, when she started to write her own music, she created something that was neither classical nor jazz, but perhaps some place in between – namely her own personal mix, which might best be described as a ‘romantic and ambient fusion’.

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• An interview with Pernilla, in Danish, in RealAudio or MP3 format:
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• ‘Serene’ was released in Denmark on October 6, 2003, followed by a concert tour in Århus, Odense, and Copenhagen.

• Listen to a few tracks from the album

• Download press release in pdf format

(also available in French or Danish)

Cover notes:

1   Letter To You    5:31
2   Hear My Song    5:01
3   L’Aube    4.36
4   Evident Like Breathing    3:59
5   Rush Of Rain    4:42
6   Sea Meets Sky    6:14
7   Open Sea    7:08
8   Northern Star    5:20
9   Face The Sun    4:27
10 Lullaby    4:34
11 Hear His Song    1:25

Vocals, piano, lyrics and music by Pernilla Aidt*
Produced, mixed and mastered by Klaus Bau Jensen and Sebastian Lilja
at Realtime Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2003

*Except Sea Meets Sky: vocals and music by Pernilla Aidt and Simon Lynge

Percussion: Jacob Andersen
Trumpet on Hear My Song, Evident Like Breathing, Northern Star, Open Sea and Hear His Song: Kasper Tranberg
Guitar on Northern Star, and bass on Letter To You, Rush Of Rain, Northern Star, Open Sea and Sea Meets Sky: Sebastian Lilja
Guitar, piano, mouth perc, cake tin and voice on Sea Meets Sky: Simon Lynge
Djembe drum and flute on Open Sea: Ilya Magnes
Cello on Northern Star: Finn Aidt
Guitar on L’Aube, piano on L’Aube and Rush Of Rain, and executive producer: Mik Aidt

Eskimo voice on Sea Meets Sky from ‘Traditional Greenlandic Music’ (ULO CD-75)
Tabla drum on Hear My Song from ‘The Other World Ethnic Sample Collection’.
Photos from Les Alpes de Haute Provence and layout by Mik Aidt
Portraits of Pernilla in booklet photographed by Linda Horowitz

Supported by KODA

ISRC no: DK-AU4-03-001

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'Serene' by Pernilla Aidt was the first album published by Mild Records.
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