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Tribute to the dreamers

Pernilla Aidt's second album, ‘Songs that dream’, is an account of love and dreams in the Real World

”Music and dreams are of similar substance. We need to dream – and music can channel this need. So nevermind that dreams do not always become reality. Cultivating our dreams is much more important than most people realise. The world needs dreamers to create a better world – and also, what is life worth without dreams?”, asks Pernilla.

She has recorded her second solo album, ‘Songs that dream’, as a homage to wish-dreaming, and it is her hope that the songs will give other people the inspiration to – in her words, “to let the dreams live”.

Pernilla has let her musical dreams float in the direction of an intimate and vulnerable expression, characterised by emotional and poetic song-collages mixed with sound recordings, and where many of the song lyrics are directly inspired from diary notes and e-mails from real life.

Pernilla cultivated a personal style and a niche in her debut album, ‘Serene’, in 2003. In the musical universe of the new album, Pernilla has further developed this unique style where she – in her own words – “now feels one hundred per cent at home”.

The songs are produced and arranged by the duo Travelog. Among other participants in the album are Anders Honoré on saxophone, and Tchando Embalo and Mads Lumholt, whose vocal attributions have roots respectively in Guinea-Bissau and Greenland.

The songs are to become the soundtrack for a book and a documentary film with the title 'Mail that dream' which will be published in 2008.

Latest news

15 January 2008:
Three radio edits ready for radio stations. The songs Blue Sky, Fatras d'Amour and Write U 2nite have been mixed and mastered for radio airplay. Contact Mild Records if you work on a radio station and would like to receive a free maxi single with the three radio edits.

26 November 2007:
The pre-master and albumcover layout for Pernilla's new album, 'Songs that dream' was sent to print today. We have received more than 50 preorders on the album already. The CD will come from print on the 11th of December.

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M A G A Z I N E   R E V I E W S

“...With broad brushstrokes they crystallise beautiful sound-landscapes incorporating the sounds of nature. You notice birds whistle, mixed in well with Pernilla Aidt’s seductive and charming voice, while the music lingers softly and the instruments, in an affectionate embrace, nestle closely into each other...”
“Med brede penselstrøg udkrystalliseres smukke lydlandskaber, der inkorporerer naturens lyde. Man bemærker fuglefløjt, der blander sig med Pernilla Aidts indsmigrende stemme, i kærlig omfavnelse, smyger sig om hinanden...”

“...The music cleverly avoids becoming background music to be heard in the health centre, primarily because of the picture-creating aspects. You could almost speak of a Nature Symphony...”
“Musikken undgår behændigt at blive til baggrundsmusik, der høres i helsesalonen, først og fremmest på grund af de billedskabende aspekter. Man kunne næsten tale om en natursymfoni...”

Allan Sommer in Jazz Special, Denmark's leading jazz magazine, June-July 2008

“...A very lovely publication...”
“En meget dejlig udgivelse...”

“...A convincing pulse throughout the entire album...”
“En overbevisende puls igennem hele CDen...”

“...The music is beautifully played, just as beautifully recorded as it nestles itself around the voice like a fairy cloak...”
“Musikken er smukt spillet, lige så smukt indspillet og smyger sig som en alfekåbe omkring stemmen...”

Jazz Special, Denmark's leading jazz magazine, February 2008

“A stream of songs that support romantic dreams about the meaning of life...”
“En strøm af popsange, der understøtter romantiske drømme om meningen med livet...”

“The music is almost like a film soundtrack. The songs almost like songs of a sirene...”
“Musikken er næsten filmisk. Sangen næsten som en sirenes...”

Gaffa, Denmark's leading pop music magazine, February 2008

C O M M E N T S   F R O M   M Y S P A C E

“Went home and put the CD on. It is as beautiful as a dream. You can certainly be proud of this!” (“Gik hjem og satte cd'en på. Den er smuk som en drøm! Den kan I godt være stolte af!”)
Else-Marie Bierlich

“Beautiful music...”
Naked Rain

“How beautiful and poetic your music is – truly made of the same material as dreams...” (“Hvor er dit musik dog smukt og poetisk – i sandheden gjort af samme stof som drømme.”)
Thera Hoeymans, vocalist, Aarhus, Denmark

“Det lyder fantastisk det du laver...” (It sounds fantastic this you are doing here)
Niels Ryde, musician, Odense, Denmark

“I am so glad you are on myspace. Your tracks are absolutely everything anybody would want to hear. Beautiful. Thank you for the outstanding music...”
Hen, musician, New Jersey, USA

“Your music is really beautiful, it brings people in an other world... A world of Peace...
Renaud Schmitt, French composer

Kære Pernilla,
Jeg synes lige at jeg vil sige at jeg virkelig har NYDT at følge din drømme-musik - fra "orkestreret stemmer" til den allersidste overraskende bid efter mindst et minuts stilhed til sidst. Jeg forsøgte at læse lidt i en bog en af gangene jeg lyttede til pladen.
Nej, umuligt. Man MÅ følge og høre efter. Og bagefter sidder noget af musikken i ørerne og lyder videre - fx når man kører til lossepladsen på cykel og den slags.
Jeg kan vældig godt lidt det hele. Allerførst tænkte jeg at det var sparsommeligt kun at bruge så enkelt et tonesprog i melodierne, men at instrumentationen var fin omkring sangene - og meget afvekslende, selvom der over det hele ligger samme drømmetone.
Nu har jeg lyttet til det et par gange og synes noget andet: at det er en meget fin og kompliceret sag / komposition, hvor sang og musik indgår en superfin alliance i enkelhed. Enkelhed spændt op mod raffineret kompleksitet og med stor kapacitet. Der er så mange dejlige overraskelser inde i det smukke væv. Utrolig flot!! Tillykke!!
Nu vil jeg bare ønske at MANGE får den at høre at den kan blive udbredt i verden. GOOD LUCK!
Kærligst, Bente, Birkerød, Denmark

“Det er meget, meget smuk musik...” (This is very very beautiful music...)
Per Wium, music consultant, Copenhagen, Denmark

“'s lovely!!! Brilliant job!”
Ruba, singer, Amman, Jordan

ABSOLUTELY SUPER!!!! The packaging/art work is sublime too! Great meditation music...evocative voice...takes me to the places of creative dreaming! ...”
Rebekah, Global Pulse Events, Sydney, Australia.

“...Bravo pour ton nouvel Album, J'ai écouté toutes tes nouvelles chansons, évidemment ma préférence va naturellement à Fatras d'Amour! Je ne sais pas pourquoi ! ...”
Alain Luciani, France

About Pernilla

Pernilla Aidt is Danish, and singing has been her livelihood since she was 19. But only few of her fellow countrymen have had the pleasure of hearing her voice, because her singing career has blossomed in France.

She has been singing a Broadway repertoire in casinos, in castles and the big hotels along the French Riviera – and jazz in many jazz-bars and jazz-cellars in Paris such as Le Bâteau-Ivre og New Morning, and at the jazz-festivals of  Nice and Printemps de Bourges in Paris.

In 1998 she released an album with jazz standards and was elected ”Jazz Artist of the Year” by the French music shop chain FNAC.

42-year-old Pernilla Aidt is presently employed as a teacher in jazz singing at the Conservatoire Nationale de Region in Toulon. She has a background as a conservatory-educated classical singer, and six years ago she finished a four-year education at Berklee College of Music in the US, where she immersed herself in the universe of jazz.

When she started writing music herself, however, she created neither classical nor jazz, but something right in the middle – a mixture of several styles, which might best be described as an ‘ambient soundtrack’.

• More info about Pernilla Aidt can be read at

• More info about Pernilla's debutalbum from 2003, 'Serene

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• You can listen to some of the ‘songs that dream’ on

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Album info

Album title: ‘Songs that dream’
Artist name: Pernilla Aidt
Genre: cross-over, soundtrack, ambient, dream pop, jazz, folk, world
Catalogue number: MILDCD005

Bar code (UPC/EAN): 5 707471 008
ISCR code DK: DK-AU4-07-00101 (=track 1)
Price code DK: PK91

Album release DK: 8 December 2007
Album release international: 18 December 2007

Published by: Mild Records,

Distribution DK: Gateway Music,, and GDC,
Distribution international: CD Baby,,
Online digital distribution DK:
Online digital distribution international:
Contact info:

Track info:

Blue Sky

FEATURING:   Greg Reeves on acoustic guitar

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt
Music: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Open Hand FEATURING:   Tchando on vocal choir, Ilya Magnes on flute

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt
Music: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Didn't Dare FEATURING:   Tchando, vocals

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt & Salvador Tchando Embalo
Music: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Still Remember FEATURING:   Anders Honoré on saxophone

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt
Music: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Write U 2nite FEATURING:   Mikkel Nielsen, vocal choir

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt
Music: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Dawn FEATURING:   Finn Aidt, cello – Anders Honoré, saxophone

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt
Music: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Twilight FEATURING:   Mikkel Nielsen, vocal choir

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt
Music: Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Dreamsong FEATURING:   Finn Aidt, cello

Lyrics: Deborah Aidt
Music: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Fatras d'Amour FEATURING:   Anders Honoré, saxophone

Lyrics and music: Pernilla Aidt
Arrangement: Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
This Love FEATURING:   Mads Lumholt, vocals

Lyrics: Lisa Richards
Music: Greg Reeves & Lisa Richards
Arrangement: Pernilla Aidt, Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen
Antipodean )i( FEATURING:   Mads Lumholt, vocals – Anders Honoré, sax – Mikkel Hornnes, trumpet

Lyrics: Pernilla Aidt
Music: Mik Aidt & Torsten Myhre Jensen

The title is pronounced: “anTIpoDEEan Mush”

Album total duration: 74 minutes.


Lyrics by Pernilla Aidt – except ‘This Love’: by Lisa Richards, and ‘Dreamsong’: by Deborah Aidt.
Music composed by Pernilla Aidt and Travelog – except ‘This Love’: by Greg Reeves and Lisa Richards.
Recorded in Copenhagen and Århus, Denmark, and in Sydney, Australia, in 2007
Produced by Travelog.
Mastering by Thomas Wind, Masterbox.
Cover drawings, voice mails and invaluable support by Deborah Aidt
Supported by The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Music

TORSTEN MYHRE JENSEN   Electric and acoustic guitars and real sound recordings
MIK AIDT   Keyboards, grand piano, percussion, real sound recordings, special effects, cover and web design
GREG REEVES   Acoustic guitar
TCHANDO EMBALO   Vocals on Open Hand and Didn’t Dare
MIKKEL NIELSEN   Vocals on Twilight and Write U 2nite
MADS LUMHOLT   Vocals on This Love
MIKKEL HORNNES   Trumpet and percussion
ILYA MAGNES   Djembe drum and flute

• Pernilla:
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• Community for ‘Professional Dreamers’:
• Visit Pernilla's ‘Dream Chalet’ in South France:

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• The album is distributed in Denmark by Gateway Music and GDC.

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