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Press release, June 11, 2004

In French   |   På dansk

New maxisingle: L'Aube remixed

Sunshine and Summer
Yesteryear’s remix of Pernilla’s ‘L'Aube’ is radiant with sunshine, festive, and light summer nights – a French song that deals with rhe rising sun and life that extends. ‘L'Aube’ means ‘dawn’.

is a Danish singer living in France. She has an expression and a voice that touches profoundly in people that have an open channel to the feelings and words which her music expresses. On her new maxisingle her voice is carried forward by pop rhythms that open new roads. In particular Yesteryear’s remix which – unlike the original version of the album – has an extrovert energy turning her song into an obvious and evident radio hit.

is the title of Pernilla’s album debut as a composer. It was released in October 2003, and it received laudatory – even panegyrical – reviews. E. g. in Femina (Danish weekly magazine): “...a seldom feast of original force, warmth and grace ...”. And Gaffa (Denmarks leading music magazine): “...a series of ear-hangers which with a little bit af luck will reach even a very large audience.” It is emotional, dreaming music which does not fit into any of the shelves or branches we normally use in the pop and rock music world. Pernilla’s second solo-album will be released in autumn 2004.

is “Music Made by Brothers”: Especially during the past year, Ole & Lars Jeppesen have had success as a remix and producer team. Intermediately the cooperation with Martin Hall has resulted in the fact that remix af compositions have been used as official radio singles from his ‘Music Hall’ album from 2003. With rotation in Denmark’s largest pop radio station, DR P3, as a result they are working with several remixes which will be published during 2004 by different artists.

is a duo consisting of the guitarist Torsten Myhre Jensen and keyboard player Mik Aidt who have specialized in a music style which is both global, picturesque, and dreaming.

The Music Video
of the Yesteryear remix was recorded in happy spring days in Tivoli in Copenhagen, and in a Danish beech spring forest as well as in Pernilla’s domestic surroundings in the Alps of Provence. It is expected to be released from the editor in June 2004.

The Live Concerts
are “accompanied” by video pictures on a large screen during all the songs. The pictures are an important part of Pernilla’s musical expression. Presently she plans a concert tour in Southern France during late summer and autumn 2004.

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Cover notes:

1.   L‘Aube    3:30
Yesteryear remix (radio edit)

2.   L’Aube    6:36
Travelog remix (sunset bass edit)

3.   L’Aube    4:36
Travelog remix (moon dance edit)

4.   L’Aube    7:36
Travelog remix (sunrise edit)

5.   L’Aube    3:33
Travelog remix (sunshine edit)

6.   L’Aube    4:36
(original album version)

Lyrics and music by Pernilla Aidt © 2004


ISRC no: DK-AU4-04-002
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